Book Talk Interview with Kory French – Break Thru Radio

Here is a recent interview I did on Break Thru Radio with Kory French. The 1st half is about “me” and the 2nd half about THE MARIJUANA CHRONICLES. I thought is was going to be all about the book so I was a little unprepared for the personal questions but I did my best. The show has a long musical Intro and then another at the midpoint but you can skip past them. And you may have to hit “DJ Kory” when you get to the site. But have a listen and let me know what you think. Listen here: [audio:]

Anatomy of Fear Podcast – Listen to the Whole Book!

Here it is! The whole podcast of Anatomy of Fear read by yours truly Jonathan Santlofer. Listen and enjoy! Download the whole podcast here or listen below. Prologue: [audio:] Chapter 1: [audio:] Chapter 2-3: [audio:] Chapter 4-5: [audio:] Chapter 6-8: [audio:] Chapter 9-11: [audio:] Chapter 12-14: [audio:] Chapter 15-17: [audio:] Chapter 18-19: [audio:] Chapter 20-21: [audio:] Chapter 25-28: [audio:] Chapter 29: [audio:] Chapter 30-31: [audio:] Chapter 32-33:[audio:] Chapter 34-35: [audio:] Chapter 36-39: [audio:] Chapter 40-42: [audio:] Chapter 43-45: [audio:] Chapter 46-48: [audio:] Chapter 49-51: [audio:] Chapter 42-55: [audio:] Chapter 56-61: [audio:]

Me and Lawrence Block on Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC

Lawrence Block and I were interviewed on the Leonard Lopate show about writing crime fiction. “Jonathan Santlofer, Director at the Crime Fiction Academy, and Lawrence Block, author and Crime Fiction Academy Master Class Instructor, talk about the academy, a program at the Center for Fiction that’s dedicated to crime writing in all its forms. Jonathan Santlofer is the author of five bestselling novels, including Anatomy of Fear and The Killing Art. Lawrence Block has been writing award-winning mystery and suspense fiction for half a century, and his most recent novel is A Drop of the Hard Stuff.” Listen here: [audio:]