Anatomy of Fear Podcast – Listen to the Whole Book!

Here it is! The whole podcast of Anatomy of Fear read by yours truly Jonathan Santlofer. Listen and enjoy! Download the whole podcast here or listen below. Prologue: [audio:] Chapter 1: [audio:] Chapter 2-3: [audio:] Chapter 4-5: [audio:] Chapter 6-8: [audio:] Chapter 9-11: [audio:] Chapter 12-14: [audio:] Chapter 15-17: [audio:] Chapter 18-19: [audio:] Chapter 20-21: [audio:] Chapter 25-28: [audio:] Chapter 29: [audio:] Chapter 30-31: [audio:] Chapter 32-33:[audio:] Chapter 34-35: [audio:] Chapter 36-39: [audio:] Chapter 40-42: [audio:] Chapter 43-45: [audio:] Chapter 46-48: [audio:] Chapter 49-51: [audio:] Chapter 42-55: [audio:] Chapter 56-61: [audio:]

Anatomy of Fear – Book Trailer

This short video was shot in my old 38th Street Manhattan studio to promote my novel, “Anatomy of Fear.” I wrote the script, did the voice over and play the artist (Hey, I was available and the price was right). My assistant, Ryan Ernst, plays the killer. I had Ryan pose for the killer’s portrait in the novel so it made sense that he’d play him in the video. He’s really a sweet guy, not the terrifying psycho he portrays here. “Anatomy of Fear” won the Nero Wolfe award for best crime novel of the year and I am very proud of that.

A Writing Life Imitates Art – Publishers Weekly

By Karen Holt Jonathan Santlofer writes his heroes tall. “I’m 5’7″ so I like to compensate,” he says. And he writes them brave, something else he insists he’s not. “I’m a big baby. If I see a knife on the table, I think it’s going to jump up and stab me.” But Santlofer and his characters do have one thing, a big one, in common—a preoccupation with art. In his mysteries, art fuels everything that matters. Killers conflate violence with artistic expression, while the good guys look to visual art for clues to catch the villains. As for Santlofer, he was a successful painter for decades before he became an author. He has been pursuing both careers since publishing his first mystery, The Death Artist, in 2002. With his fourth book, Anatomy of Fear (Morrow, Apr.) he combines his two talents, in what the publisher is calling “a novel of visual suspense.” A police sketch … Read more