The Murder Notebook Trade Paperback Is Here!

When NYPD forensic artist Nate Rodriguez is called in to identify the skull of a “John Doe” burned beyond recognition it is just the beginning. As more bodies turn up he is the only one who sees a common thread among them, but Nate has no idea that he has stumbled into something bigger and more evil than he ever imagined. “The Murder Notebook blends the striking visual impact of a graphic novel with the gritty realism of a crime-fiction thriller… Santlofer’s fluid, almost poetic writing, coupled with its extraordinary artwork, places him at the forefront of cutting-edge crime fiction.” Chicago Tribune The second Nate Rodriguez novel takes off from the Nero Award Winning “Anatomy of Fear,” and ratchets up the emotion, the intensity, and the fear. “Santlofer keeps the pace going at a rapid clip and fools the reader right up to the end.” Baltimore Sun

Catching Up

I don’t know how it happened, how it ever happens, how the time speeds by and you barely notice. It’s winter in New York. Last I looked it was summer. Next it will be spring and I will have a new book out, THE MURDER NOTEBOOK. It’s the second Nate Rodriguez book. When I wrote ANATOMY OF FEAR I wasn’t sure I would write another, but there was more to say about Nate. Now I’m thinking there could be many Nate books. He’s a man who cares about humanity, and he leads me into unexpected places. THE MURDER NOTEBOOK was a challenging book to write. The research intense. It’s a big, complex, thrilling murder mystery. But it also deals with the tragedy of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which plagues many returning soldiers. It used to be referred to as shell shock or battle fatigue, but it’s the same thing: soldiers who are psychologically and emotionally … Read more