Catching Up

I don’t know how it happened, how it ever happens, how the time speeds by and you barely notice. It’s winter in New York. Last I looked it was summer. Next it will be spring and I will have a new book out, THE MURDER NOTEBOOK. It’s the second Nate Rodriguez book. When I wrote ANATOMY OF FEAR I wasn’t sure I would write another, but there was more to say about Nate. Now I’m thinking there could be many Nate books. He’s a man who cares about humanity, and he leads me into unexpected places.

THE MURDER NOTEBOOK was a challenging book to write. The research intense. It’s a big, complex, thrilling murder mystery. But it also deals with the tragedy of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which plagues many returning soldiers. It used to be referred to as shell shock or battle fatigue, but it’s the same thing: soldiers who are psychologically and emotionally damaged by wartime experiences. If you read the papers and watch the news you know something about it. Perhaps you even know someone who has been affected. It’s a very important subject and I will be writing more about it when the book comes out.

On a totally different note…
I had an exhibition in Palm Beach, Florida, at DTR Modern Gallery, 345 Worth Avenue. The paintings are still up and should be for a little while longer. The work is all part of my Warhol series – paintings and drawing I made that relate to Andy Warhol’s artwork. Maybe you don’t like Warhol so you think you will not like this work, but it’s some of my best – realistically painted, and very witty (at least I think so). The work is two-dimensional but I paint it to look three-dimensional, sometimes like a collection of photographs, or like a collage. I am adding an image so you can get an idea of what it looks like, but go to Palm Beach and have a look. It is a beautiful, wealthy community (and I am pretty sure they bought the sun to make sure the weather is always good there). I had brunch with my art dealer at the old Marjorie Merriweather Post estate, Mar-A- Lago, now Donald Trump’s private club, and it’s a hoot, particularly the cast of characters. It’s sure to be a scene in a future novel.

Lots of other stuff has been happening. I’ll update you next month, and every month thereafter. I’ll be adding a chapter from the new book here soon and there will be new contests. Want to get your portrait in my next book? You can. That will be one of the contests. Stand by.

I hope everyone out there is happy and healthy, and I send you my best.