Gaslight (Excerpt from Alive in Shape and Color)

The Following is an excerpt from Alive in Shape and Color   GASLIGHT by Jonathan Santlofer She saw it again, not a picture this time, just the hard cold truth: a handsome young man who had married her for money. What else could he possibly see in her? She did nothing, wasn’t beautiful nor brilliant, just unsuccessful Paula, dull and drab. Except for one thing: She was rich. When they’d met, Gregory had practically nothing: the Lower East Side tenement and a part time job painting walls in an art gallery; no family money, no prospects other than an art career that might or might not eventually take off, but when would that be, and how many art careers ever did? Still, she fought the idea. She had been reading too many crime novels, that was all. Gregory cared about her. He needed her, adored her. But the thought soured fast. He needed her all … Read more