Let’s Lunch “The Munchies”

The wonderful writer and cook Cheryl Tan invited me to contribute a recipe to her “Let’s Lunch” group in honor of The Marijuana Chronicles. So here goes, a recipe with a little commentary… With the publication of THE MARIJUANA CHRONICLES I think I’m getting a bad reputation. But hey, it’s better than no reputation. And putting that book together was so much fun. I mean Singapore stoners via Cheryl Tan? What could be better or more exotic? Or Lee Child’s stoner preparing for his drug trial by doing what else: getting stoned. Or Joyce Carol Oates’s middle class widow rushing head first into danger in pursuit of the weed or Linda Yablonsky’s cross-dressing, gun-toting hero or Amanda Stern’s touching coming of age pot story or 60s radical Raymond Mungo in pursuit of medical marijuana or Maggie Estep’s stoned zombie hookers. Yeah, you heard that right. I could go on, but let’s get to the munchies. … Read more