Interview with Seattle Post Intelligencer for Inherit the Dead

seattle_pi_interviewHere’s a preview and link for an interview I did with Seattle Post Intelligencer for Inherit the Dead:

“Jonathan Santlofer is the editor of Inherit the Dead, a book similar to No Rest For the Dead, which I did an interview for here in 2011. In both cases the books are written by at least 20 well known mystery writers. They are doing that old thing where one person starts a story and hands it off to another author who continues the story. The result is a fascinating thriller.

This kind of project can have hilarious results as was the case when Lisa Lutz co-wrote a novel, Heads You Lose, with her ex-boyfriend, David Heyward. In that case the book contained the communications between them as they’d complain about each other’s writings. They also dispatched with each other’s favorite characters just to be irksome. I found it delightful, but I think Lutz and Heyward were less happy with the result.

This book, Inherit The Dead, is different from that in many ways. The authors work well together. There is no communication between the writers included – though I’m curious about what communications did occur between the writers on this one. It’s not funny nor is it meant to be. Read more...”