The Last Mona Lisa

The Past, August 1911: The Mona Lisa is stolen by museum worker Vincent Peruggia. During its two-year absence from the Louvre, replicas of the painting are created and sold as the original by a notorious duo of con artists. Several of these forgeries remain at large, prompting more than one art historian to speculate that the museum might well be displaying a fake.

The Present: Artist and art professor Luke Perrone hunts for the truth behind his most infamous ancestor, Peruggia. His search attracts a reckless INTERPOL detective with something to prove, a beautiful woman who may want more than Luke’s affection, and a hornet’s nest of the most unscrupulous art collectors and thieves.

A gripping novel exploring the secrets of the 1911 theft and the dark underbelly of today’s art world, The Last Mona Lisa is a story of heart-stopping suspense as romantic and sexy as it is terrifying and thrilling, one that taps into our universal fascination with da Vinci, the authentic and the fake, and people so driven to acquire priceless works of art, they will stop at nothing to possess them—not even murder.

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Praise for the Last Mona Lisa

“Unstoppable what-happens-next momentum...
An un-put-downable book! Santlofer has outdone himself this time.”

“Fabulous—instantly immersive, intriguing, and suspenseful... The thriller Santlofer was born to write!”

“An utterly irresistible time-jumping, continent-leaping tale of intrigue, family secrets, and obsession.”

“Compelling, intelligent, fascinating, and deeply satisfying... A book I did not want to end.” PETER JAMES

“Riveting...nail-biting...a master class in how to create a deep understanding of art history while making a seamless thriller.”

“A pacy, seductive international thriller of the first order... a transporting novel. Don’t miss it!”

“Brilliant...superb... All of [Santlofer’s] skills come together...and the result is wholly satisfying.”

“It’s hard to imagine another writer who could pull off a feat like The Last Mona Lisa, with its combination of thrills, history, and insider knowledge of the art world. A singular achievement by a terrific writer. Really stunning.”

“A deliciously tense read that mixes a present-day hunt for the truth with a real-life historical heist to page-turning effect.”

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