Color Blind

My daughter and I conceived of the plot while I drove her back to college: a deranged killer who can only see color when he commits murder. A perverse idea to be sure and the scariest book I will ever write. I was in a state of anxiety the entire time I wrote it. In the end, it’s a story about the monsters a society creates and the moral issues we (and Kate) must face in dealing with them. This book is also a personal tragedy for Kate. I didn’t plan to make her suffer, it just happened. USA Today said,

Santlofer writes inside the head of the Color Blind killer with terrifying ease, inventing a psychopath whose good looks give him carte blanche in a world obsessed with surfaces.” The Clarion Ledger wrote, “Color Blind is a canvas of pain and retribution, of savagery and psychology, with no happy endings, just sweat and scars. Santlofer delivers a death blow both colorful and macabre.”

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