The Dark End of the Street

My good friend, the writer SJ Rozan and I got tired of people always desparaging crime fiction as a second-class citizen, so we invited a bunch of writers from both sides of the track, literary and crime and asked them each to write a sexy crime story. It was a thrill to see crime writers like Lee Child, Laura Lippman and Michael Connelly sharing a platform with literary folk like Amy Hempel, Jonathan Lethem and Francine Prose, among many other great writers. In the end, I think SJ and I were right: a good story is a good story is a good story. It doesn’t matter who writes it—and there are plenty of good ones in this collection to prove the point. I illustrated this book simply because I wanted to make some cool noir pictures. SJ and I would love to do a “Dark End II,” we’re just waiting for someone to ask.

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