Linda Fairstein Interviewed by Jonathan Santlofer at the Center for Fiction

Linda Fairstein is one of those people who is so accomplished and so smart she could be intimidating if she were not so damn nice. Her life as a NYC prosecutor informs her novels with a kind of veritas we all wish we had. When she met with the CFA students afterwards, she divulged all sorts of details about her real life cases, her personal life and her writing, much of which is still resonating with me.

Anatomy of Fear Podcast – Listen to the Whole Book!

Here it is! The whole podcast of Anatomy of Fear read by yours truly Jonathan Santlofer. Listen and enjoy! Download the whole podcast here or listen below. Prologue: [audio:] Chapter 1: [audio:] Chapter 2-3: [audio:] Chapter 4-5: [audio:] Chapter 6-8: [audio:] Chapter 9-11: [audio:] Chapter 12-14: [audio:] Chapter 15-17: [audio:] Chapter 18-19: [audio:] Chapter 20-21: [audio:] Chapter 25-28: [audio:] Chapter 29: [audio:] Chapter 30-31: [audio:] Chapter 32-33:[audio:] Chapter 34-35: [audio:] Chapter 36-39: [audio:] Chapter 40-42: [audio:] Chapter 43-45: [audio:] Chapter 46-48: [audio:] Chapter 49-51: [audio:] Chapter 42-55: [audio:] Chapter 56-61: [audio:]